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Chemical products
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Clariant Corp.


Gaf Materials Corp.

Advanced Fiberglass Tec...

Bonstone Materials Corp.

Flint Ink

Two Rivers Terminal

H B Taylor Co.


Micel Inc.

Vantage Oleochemicals

Mclaughlin Gormley King Co.

Brenntag Great Lakes

Husk-Itt Distributors Corp.

Novozymes Blair Inc.

Blue Grass Chemical Spclts

Safety-Kleen Systems

Spray Products Corp.

Nova Tech Inc.



Pure Protein Llc

Pressure Nipples Inc.


American Sealants Inc.


Vulcan Materials Co.

United Paint & Chemical Corp.

Watson Standard Adhesives Co.

Coast Chemical Industries

Chemical Services, Inc.

Uniform Color Co.

Osi Sealants Inc.

Tower Oil & Technology Co.

Sun Chemical Corp.

Carus Phosphates

Combi Blocks Inc.

Printsynergy Solutions

Siplast Inc.

Rhodia Inc.

Kronos Worldwide Inc.


Advanced Biological Marketing, Inc.

Finishes Unlimited Inc.

Kalo Inc.

Bostik Inc.

Ricca Chemical Co., Llc

Standard Fusee Corp.

Delchem Inc.

Optima Chemicals Group Llc


Flo-Tec Automation Associates Inc.

Polyone Corp.

Electro Tech Machining

Pq Corp. Chester Works

Threebond International


Crews Chemicals Inc.

Pgp International

Najit Technologies

Chemence Inc.

Vulcan Materials Co.

Cytek Development

Metal-Era, Inc.


Besten Equipment, Inc.

Harris & Ford, Llc

Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.

Immucor Gamma

Shannon Chemical Corp.

Huntsman Advanced Materials

Whitmore Fertilizer Co. Inc.

United Coatings Manufacturing

Lyondell Chemical Co.

Etimine Usa Inc.

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