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Information technology (IT) and Internet
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Artemis International Solutions Corp.

Strategic Data Systems

Scintera Networks, Inc.

Technic Computer Svc. Corp.

Expandable Software Inc.

Andera Inc.

Jenco Wireless

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Sytec Business Solutions Llc

Redback Networks Inc.

Utility Partners, Inc.

Foreseeson Custom Displays, Inc.

Leapfrog Services, Inc.

Orchard Software Corp.

Checkpoint Software Tech

Sage Inc.

Commtech Industries Inc.

Net Concepts By Calix Llc

Web Courseworks

Rfms Inc.

Msb Disaster Recovery Svc.

Copy Source

Mmats Professional Audio

Spherecom Enterprises Inc

Comlogic Inc

Technology Consulting Resources, Llc


North Coast Duplicating, Inc.

Datel Systems Inc.

Bemidji Communications

Network Installation Svc. Inc.


Automated Systems Consulting


Kb Port Llc

Premold Corp.

Unx, Inc. A Delaware Corp.

Cny Outsourcing

Mtc Software Inc.


Plex Systems Inc.

Intradyn Inc.

Forestech Consulting Inc.

Long Island Internet Hdqrtrs

Mobitor Corp.

Grammatech Inc.


Aris Software Inc.

Gruber Technical Inc.

Media Cybernetics Inc.

Cd-Rom 2 Go.Com - Dvd/Cd Duplication

Open-Silicon Inc.

Cronos Engineering Inc.

C & S Enterprise

X1 Technologies, Inc.

Primavera Systems Inc.

Jvc America, Inc.

Eo Johnson Co. Inc.

Sungard Sct. Inc.


Enterprise Strategy Group

Xenarc Technologies Corp.

Emmi Solutions

Lascom Solutions Inc.

Simsci Esscor

Kings Computer Ctr. Inc.

Cemaphore Systems Inc.

Hipaadocs Corp.

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